Energy Related Repair Program (ERR)

ERR provides emergency repair or replacement of heating systems for Energy Assistance households.

To be eligible for assistance with a heating system you must:

  • Be approved for the Energy Assistance Program.  The application and income guidelines can be found by clicking here.
  • Own your home. For proof of home ownerships questions, please see the ERR FAQs.
  • Have a non-functioning heating system.

If you are eligible for this program and have a no-heat situation due to problems with your furnace, boiler or other heating system, please call us. We can only pay for repairs authorized by PRAIRIE FIVE first.

To contact Prairie Five about problems with your heating system during regular business hours, please call the Energy Assistance Outreach worker in your county. If you have a no-heat emergency on the weekends, please call 320-226-9769.

For more information on the Energy Related Repair Program please see our FAQs below.

See some heating systems energy saving tips below!

Here are some tips to help save money on energy costs and furnace maintenance:

  • Inspect furnace filters a least every month and clean or replace them as needed.
  • Have your heating system inspected by a qualified heating contractor annually.
  • Set your thermostat a degree or two lower. Every degree above 68 degrees F adds about 3 percent to your heating bill.
  • Keep radiators, air registers and baseboard heaters clean and be sure they aren’t blocked by furniture or drapes. Place material that reflects, like aluminum foil, behind radiators with the shiny side toward the room, to send heat back into the room. Bleed radiators as necessary. It will keep the heating system working more efficiently.
  • Install plastic deflectors on warm air registers that are located near windows. This will help direct warm air into the room.
  • Use duct sealant or foil duct tape to seal air leaks in heating ducts that run through unheated areas of your home.
  • Install pipe insulation on any water pipes to prevent freezing pipes.
  • Be sure fireplace dampers are closed and in good working order when fireplace is not in use.
  • Be sure that storm windows are completely closed during the heating season.
  • Use your drapes and blinds to help keep in the heat. Open curtains and blinds on south facing windows during the day to let heat in and close them at night to reduce the chill from the windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for ERR, you must be approved for Energy Assistance, own your home and have an emergency heating situation.

A property tax statement, mortgage statement, copy of your title (for mobile homes only) or information from the county recorder or assessor can be used as proof of your home ownership.

Yes, contract for deed is considered home ownership. You may be required to submit a copy of the contract for deed documents.

No, all the repairs must first be authorized by Prairie Five.

No, ERR only assists with heating systems.

No, ERR only assists with heating systems.

No, ERR is for no-heat and health and safety situations only. If your furnace is old but still works, we cannot assist, but keep our number handy just in case it stops working.

No, ERR is for emergency situations only. We cannot pay for clean and tunes and other general maintenance.

Because our funding comes through the federal government, we don’t know exactly when we can start authorizing furnace projects. It generally begins sometime after October 1st and runs through May 31st. If you have a furnace problem, please call and we will add you to the waiting list.

No, unfortunately our funding may be limited, and furnace projects are done on a first come, first served basis. We recommend submitting your application as soon as possible to increase your chances of receiving assistance.