Child Care Aware of Minnesota

Child Care Aware West Central District offers multiple services throughout 22 counties that support the development of high-quality care, including Professional Development, Parent Aware, Grants, and Early LearningScholarships. Child Care Aware guides and connects families, educates and supports early childhood professionals, informs and partners with communities both locally and statewide.  Striving to build a diverse, high-quality child care system that is accessible to all families.

For Early Childhood Professionals

  • Learn about becoming an Early Childhood Professional
  • Find professional development and training opportunities
  • Locate Grants and Scholarships for Early Childhood Professionals and programs
  • Strengthen child care with the Parent Aware Quality Improvement Rating System

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For Families

  • Find Child Care by searching online at the Child Care Aware website
  • Find Child Care by calling 1-888-291-9811
  • Find Learning Scholarships Information

Prairie Five Community Members

Prairie Five Child Care Aware is a leader in community outreach and a trusted source for reliable child care information including:

  • Statistics
  • Trends
  • Demographics
  • More!

Prairie Five Child Care Aware works in partnerships with Southwest Initiative Foundation (SWIF), First Children’s Finance, local public health, school districts, local businesses and other organizations.

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